You want runescape feedback

Good luck Jagex. You give complete disregard for what your community wants, then you ask us to give feedback. I hope the people of Latin America will help RS 3 Gold become a massive success.

Ever since the removal of free trade and the wilderness, I’ve seen Runescape die moderately fast. You’ve made the same mistakes over and over and haven’t learned much.

I made this post about a week ago all over the forums, along with many other unfortunate players.

“( July 15 2013) at 8:31 Runescape website time, 75% of the worlds went offline (I was in w46). I was at a dangerous boss (nex). I could not log on my account for over 40 minutes due to a message saying the server was down, try a different one. But, I could not log into my account to try a different server, so I was stuck out of my account.

When I did log in after nervously spamming log in for 40 minutes, I was in varrock with 3 items that I did keep. And within 30 seconds my team mates logged in also. We all had died due to the servers going offline. So I took to the forums, where mods were locking posts left and right and told to basically spam about their losses in a sticky thread so the general forum section didn’t absolutely explode.”

A few days after my issue, Jagex released an maintenance statement on the homepage saying they will be doing updates over the next 4-5 days during 8-9am. It is now obvious to me they were doing a hidden update, causing people to get booted mid game, without warning.

They did this to hundreds of players, causing loss of billions in items. They still have not said a word.

You do realize free trade and the wilderness came back… right? After hearing enough from the players about how much they wanted it back? Unfortunate events happen all the time with bugs, glitches, and crashes that are unpreventable, which is one of the risks we take when playing any game, not just RuneScape.