You must have a visible link back to Global RuneScape

The existence of the currency is inevitable trend, the game currency also plays a very important role. Do not have enough money reserves, is can’t play a game.The root cause of most of the difficulties encountered when playing games is the lack of money, how to get enough Runescape Gold to become critical.

Don’t beg asking for free money or RuneScape items. This will only annoy fellow forum users and it is unlikely that you will get anything. This rule also applies if you have been hacked, scammed or banned. In the latter case, you should send a ban appeal to RuneScape, there is nothing we can do with it.All begging will be removed from the forums.

Do not advertise other web sites. Clans can be advertised in the clans forums, but they must have a visible link back to Global RuneScape.
All advertising will be removed. New users joining purely to advertise their site will be permanently banned.Hacking, scamming or cheating talk is not allowed. Posting about any macro or auto programs, such as autominers and autotalkers is not allowed either.

This rule also includes account trading and real-world trading.
Breaking this rule will usually lead to a permanent ban. If it has merely been mentioned, the user will receive a warning.Do not try to scam people, asking for their username or password. Also, no RuneScape-related software may be posted except official software.Users caught scamming fellow forum users will be permanently banned.

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