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The hateful Johanhus Ulsbrecht is a great believer in the strength of humanity, and despises all monsters to the core. His skin crawls whenever he so much as thinks of a monster, and the very sight of a different species can send him into fits of rage, ranting about the perils of integration and how humans should keep themselves to themselves.

The members of H.A.M. hide out in a dungeon located underground, just outside of the district of Lumbridge.To get to the entrance of the H.A.M. Hideout, adventurers need to head north-west from Lumbridge and due west of the general store, where they will find an old ruined house, which has been seemingly abandoned.In this house, the more observant will notice a trapdoor. Use your skills as a thief to picklock this door and enter the H.A.M. Hideout.With affluent Buy Runescape Gold, you’ll get more enjoyment and something new every day.

The H.A.M. Hideout is quite large and accommodates a large number of members who plot the destruction and persecution of all monsters. They want to purge the lands of Gielinor so that only humans remain.H.A.M. members aren’t just a bunch of vocal bigots. They will fight tooth and nail for their beliefs, and they also expect thieves. Visitors to the H.A.M. Hideout can train their Thieving skill, pickpocketing items of clothing and more from H.A.M. members in the central area.

The most polite way to put it is that Johanhus is ‘passionate about his beliefs’. But over time, and by vocalising his opinion, he’s managed to build up quite the following of like-minded humans who share his predeliction for xenophobia. To put a structure behind his followers’ hatred, he’s created an organization called H.A.M., which is an acronym for ‘Humans Against Monsters’. By taking up occupancy in the dungeon, they have also denied any monsters from taking up residency there.

Pickpocketing H.A.M. clothing allows you to equip it, meaning you’ll get caught less as you blend into the crowd. If you’re totally hopeless at pickpocketing and get caught, you’ll either get imprisoned or thrown out of the hideout altogether. Don’t worry though, you can always re-enter whenever you wish, and escape from jail is easier than you think!Thieves dressed in H.A.M. clothing will notice that they blend into the background, and get caught less.

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