Will Jagex one day discover a remedy

Like an insidious, infectious disease that manages to frequently develop resistances to antibiotics over time, bots run rampant in RuneScape. Jagex has to keep formulating new ‘bot-busting’ medicine for the game; but after a while the bots just spit it back out! After developing a resistance, they then multiply and thrive until their population is eventually flooded by a new wave of antidote. Runescape 2007 GoldThe more robust, hardy bots survive and pass their traits on to the rest – the rise of the superbots.

Will Jagex one day discover a remedy – the elixir to our eminent threat- or will these parasites continue to feed off of our economy?

Jagex will always be in a chasing position. They will alter the game and protect it against a certain type of bots, but by then the bot developers have found new ways to get around the coding, and this goes on and on. Runescape GoldThe only thing that is variable is the amount of bots that are being banned and those that are still productive, their presence in RuneScape is however a constant given. Not much more you can do as a player than reporting and ignoring them.