Why is my runescape experience limited

Something is seriously wrong here. I can only fletch 15 bolts at a time now. I can only cut fifteen gems at one time. What the heck is going on here? This bug wasn’t present months ago! Whatever this annoying bug is, it needs to be fixed. I used to be able to fletch an entire stack of bolts, cut however many gems I wanted. What the heck happened?

Seriously. Please tell me Jagex did not make this error intentionally. The skills were SO slow already, and now they have been slowed down to a snail pace. Some of us have day jobs, and simply do not have time for the EXTRA slowed down pace. Getting 99 fletching used to take a few months. Now it will take years. Jagex, fix this please. It is extremely inconvenient and in a way, disrespectful to players. I don’t believe you did it intentionally, that would be incredibly rude. Not only that, it makes fingers sore from all the extra clicking. So please, fix this bug. Thank you.

With loyalty to Runescape Gold for 8 years,