What game is similar to runescape so popular ?

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It was about time for them to give us a grand quest like this. You will have access to the godhood, becoming, for a small time, a god, using a divine artifact by your own side. Interesting, what the quest proposes; make you feel like a godly adventurer, in the bottom of the world.

By this I mean: forget all you’ve known about hard riddles and clues; this is a perfect masterpiece! Seriously, I have never been through so many knotty puzzles in all RuneScape career. The process of forging the dragon metal is not easy nonetheless, you must be very experienced  in Smithing in order to merge the shards; It’s a good thing because obtaining the mighty platebody would become even harder. Forging a piece of a draconic armour should be reserved for the most skilled.

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