What do you “hate” about the EoC?

It’s a simple question, but I expect more then a simple answer. I am not looking for the typical Runescape EOC bash, you will not get that from me. I happen to love the EOC, I see it far better then anything since I started playing late 01.

I want constructive reasons why you “hate” (or dislike) some element of the EOC. I am not looking for “I hate the entire thing” nor do I want, and don’t frankly care about your comments if they are along the lines of “eoc failed”, “bring back the old”. It’s a waste of time.

I think the scaling of armor and weapons is far to extreme. I like it initially, but it makes items lose value fast. My master wand is worthless to me, ahrims or akirse can’t compete with my gano and the pieces of sea singer I have. The difference of power between tiers kinda feels ridiculous. The cost of my tiered armor is so far inflated that I am penalized, I think, far to heavily. 1B for a wand?!

Same tiered weapons and armor all feel the same, they lost any uniqueness they had and the weakness system typically doesn’t merit a need to use stab over slash. Water over fire. They all have the same power, it feels boring. There is so much potential to make them unique… passive abilities, alter the generation of adrenaline…

I miss special attacks and see so much potential to allow weapons and armors to once again have special abilities, that is abilities that are unique to that weapon.

Power, hybrid and defensive armor feels more like a patch work then differentiated armor types. I don’t feel enough is done to merit these types, with hybrid being the worst.

All to often I see Runescape 3 Gold mechanics changed instead of older (and newer) content being changed. You can’t reflect damage back to certain things, you can’t heal suddenly off certain attacks that required timing.