What Are Features of Longshot Mode In Madden 18

Since the release of Madden 18 Longshot mode, everyone on the evaluation of the game model is mixed, some people think that this is a very great innovation in Madden series, will make the original boring game becomes interesting, but some people think that weakened Madden NFL 18 core, the player will be outside the game extra things bored. So today we come to see the characteristics of Longshot in Madden NFL 18 to see if it is good or bad.



  • Frostbite Power – for the first time on EA’s Frostbite game engine, Madden 18 will be the most realistic game ever, surrounded by spectacular cityscapes, brand new fireworks displays, player running sequences and new weather effects.
  • Play now – Play from the best fixtures, including updated lists, updated statistics and custom reviews.
  • Goal Pass – At Madden 18, you can throw the ball to what you want because of the new goal passing. You no longer need to throw your open wide receiver.
  • Play Style – Three new play styles let you play Madden 18 what you want. Arcade allows more spectacular games and features limited penalties to simulate the correct NFL rules and games while rivals emphasize your stick skills – get a huge return but also a lot of punishments.
  • Overwrite Allocation – The real-time user interface helps you understand your coverage within your pass coverage.
  • Coach Adjustment – Make changes to the AI to suit your game plan and change the strategy immediately.

After understanding these features of Longshot, do you like this new model, if you have different opinions, please let us know.

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