Weird runescape mysteries crash

So like, i was doing Runescape Gold Mysteries because why not, when lo and behold my game crashes. (teeny tiny spoilers so if you’re a stickler, you’d better stick…ler-away or summat.)

I put the Runes down and the mages show up and do their ritual to create teleportation or whatever and suddenly black screen and a tab opens up telling me my game has crashed. I’ve given the launcher, which i play with, some more memory to mess around with, a while 512mb, i tried playing in Chrome and Internet explorer. Cranking the graphics down didn’t help much either, as i thought playing on maxed out settings might be the problem. I just cant solve this one. I’m stumped.

I’m dealing with the same problem. It happens right after the wizard that represents Zamarock/ the Chaos rune gets zapped and falls over. I was playing this with a friend who was also playing and attempting to do this quest on a separate PC, which is much better than the one I’m using, and experienced the same crash after attempting to use other browsers (original attempt was with the game client) as well as changing the graphics to the lowest settings. I hope this thread gets recognition and the problem is fixed soon.

Okay, so I managed to bypass the glitch by rapidly pressing the Spacebar to “skip” the dialogue that occurs directly after the event I described in the last post. The problem with this method is, you don’t get to see what’s said or done after the zap, and the game still crashes. When I logged back on I noticed the quest still progressed and I had to move on with assumptions. Finished the quest, but I hope many don’t have to resort to the same thing I just did.