Weapons armour made the game fun to play about rs gold

In rs   gold  nobody gave a stink about pvming it wasnt a big part off the game which they changed over the years which u can see in eoc now full with alot differd pvm stuff.Like somebody else said the most killed monsters are atm ele barrows 1 off those is inside the wilderness and attracts people to enter the wilderness to hunt down ele killers and bigger teams to kill the teams who kill ele killers this is somethint which makes the wilderness more active in old rs the wilderness was dead bc there was no reason for any1 to enter the wilderness.

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People wanted Runescape 2007 Gold scape bc like other ppl sayd this was one off the most balanced times in rs in terms off weapons armour this made the game fun to play.

jagex made the server to be like it was about rs gold why would they add stuff which happend past Runescape 2007 Gold (except graphs/small bugs and other small crap) what would come next claws nex? there is a reason people wanted to play a 06 server jagex did what the people wanted and created a Runescape Gold server(Which is almost the same) .

They finally listened to the community be happy about it they never listened before.A final add if they add gwd to the game i would suggest dont let the monsters drop GS’s but just a cashpile instead off a hilt 5m/10m this way u dont get gs’s in the rs gold‘game which nobody wants but still make it worth it to kill bandos arma.