Two New Quests and an Al Kharid Rework in RuneScape

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To present these, we’ve reworked the Task List and Quest Journal tabs to produce the Noticeboard, which is your new one-stop destination to look at all of the content available to you. On it, there is a selection of pages showing a wide variety of skilling options, quests, minigames, recently added content, Tasks and Challenges.

Many of you will have already met Ozan, the brave, loquacious and devilishly handsome rogue who has broken hearts and locks across Gielinor. If you haven’t already, check out the Al Kharid overhaul in our recent Behind the Scenes video.

Towards the end of this month, he will star alongside you in two all new novice quests, which encompass a humongous graphical overhaul of the whole of Al Kharid. Similarly to One Piercing Note, players with any level of experience will be able to complete the quests, but players with higher stats will be able to access the unique content hidden within.

Together, these quests form a rollicking re-telling of the Prince Ali Rescue quest, and they’ll find you climbing, jumping and tumbling through the newly updated streets and rooftops of one of RuneScape’s oldest cities.

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