Training certain skills can result with a profit in coins

With the release of Dungeoneering, there are 25 skills in Runescape. Members have access to all 25 skills, while free-to-play can only access 16 skills, with less content and advantages (especially towards the higher levels).

Training certain skills can result with a profit in coins, such as selling the logs from woodcutting, the fish from the Fishing skill or selling the drop(s) from a Slayer assignment. Please refer to the Money-making guide for more details. Certain skills, however, can cost you coins to train – If you don’t want to acquire your own raw materials, some skills may cost only a little (Cooking, Firemaking) to a lot of money (Herblore, Construction) to train at a regular speed.

Players should weigh-up the balance between cheap/profitable skilling against buying the raw materials needed for ‘processing’ skills. Players can obtain their own raw materials (logs, fish and mined ore etc), or they can buy it. On one hand, when players get their own materials, skilling costs nothing and can easily return a profit, but due to time taken acquiring the materials, it can also be an extremely slow process. On the other hand, players can buy these raw materials. This almost certainly results in making a net loss but is a faster way of improving the appropriate skill.