This can be used to achieve 99 Ranged relatively quickly without taking any damage in Runescape

Needed to train a skill that takes a lot of time, energy, and gold.A good skill to want some complementary skills and do not have much to learn.And Runescape Gold related transactions.

The Combat Training Camp is a combat training facility with a group of caged Ogres which are popular for ranged training. This can be used to achieve 99 Ranged relatively quickly without taking any damage. There are also many dummies for training Attack, an armoury, and a few beer spawns.

The camp is located north of West Ardougne and just east of the Gnome Stronghold’s entrance. It was established by King Lathas of East Ardougne to train his forces. Access is granted to a player by King Lathas upon completion of the Biohazard quest.

Many rangers are seen training there use a variety of weapons to train ‘cost effectively’. One method is to set up a cannon in the ogre cage, and let it pound away at the ogres, reloading every so often and picking up drops. Other methods are Iron knives or darts, or using a Dorgeshuun Crossbow, which can use the very economical Bone bolts.

Another very effective method, often resulting in 50-95,000 experience per hour, is to attack the ogres using Bronze Knives whilst wearing Sacred clay ranger gear, a reward from the Stealing Creation activity which doubles ranged experience. As throwing knives are very hard to come by after the Personal Shops update, players will often have to smith their own. It is advisable to bring Sacred clay coifs in order to maximize the ranged attack bonus but still get the double experience from sacred clay.

The ogres can also be attacked by magic and long-range melee weapons like Halberds. They cannot be attacked if the ogres could possibly retaliate, so players usually attack from outside the ogre cage. Inside the cage, attacks are possible only if an ogre is directly between the player and the ogre being attacked.

Since the cage blocks the effect of Ava’s accumulator or attractor when attacking from the outside, some rangers use this in-cage method to have Ava’s devices retrieve their arrows or other ranged weapons. If the ogre between the player and the target ogre moves out of the way, the target will attack the player and the player will not be allowed to attack back, instead getting a message saying that the ogres can only be ranged.You can safely enter the cage through the fence gap at left to retrieve your ammo and the ogres’ bones. The ogres are not aggressive as long as you kill the one(s) you shoot at.

The dummies could be hit to gain Attack experience; however, after a few hits you cannot train on them any more, and players attempting to do so would be told that there is nothing more they could learn from hitting it.There is a small obelisk to recharge summoning points just east of the entrance to the camp, which is useful to players wishing to train with their familiars.The armoury has two item spawns, spawning two beers on the tables.

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