They know most of those accounts are created by botting companies

This game only has so many bots because Jagex has around 5/400+ employees working to stop bots.

That’s 0.0125 of the game producers working to stop Runescape’s biggest problem. Something is dearly wrong with that. Anyways, keep up the good blogging work .

To be honest, I’m quite shocked that Jagex is even making such a big deal about their 200 millionth member. They’re just opening themselves up to be flamed and mocked about their lack of control over the botting epidemic which draws so many legit players away from the game. They know most of those accounts are created by botting companies, so why bother announcing it? It seems they’re trying to show off by announcing how many accounts have been created, but any RuneScape player, new or old, knows better.¬†RuneScape 2007 Gold.¬†This is a slap in the face to try to pull this over as some great feat in the gaming industry when it is clearly not. Instead, it shows how horrible of a job they’ve done controlling the botting plague.

On another note, I remember after the most recent bot nuke, that most worlds seemed completely dead. It was a bit eerie, actually.. to wander around the world to my usual training spots, to see it completely lifeless. Could this be the reason that Jagex is so slow about getting rid of them? Do they want potential new customers logging in to a dead game, and seeing no one around? Just something to think about.