The runescape alliance code

The AZA rules

In order to work and thrive as a fc, we must have rules. Now the rules I set up are open to change, and are NOT set in stone. It will be in a “10 Commandment” style, and all must agree to the rules so that we can work in an orderly fasion.

1. Respect thy brother.
2. No one has power over another, unless they are a peacekeeper.
3. No arguments UNLESS we call for a healthy debate.
4. All are welcome, and none are to be discriminated, even the Bandosians.
5. Do not spam.
6. If someone is acting up, it is YOUR responsibilty to report it to a peacekeeper.
7. Peacekeepers will alternate every month, and will be elected by popular vote.
8. We are to look out for eachother.
9. All rules are subject to change.
10. Have fun!!!

Ranks (Highest to lowest)

1. Uniter of the Factions- cannot change, as the fc is mine (has same rights as peacekeeper)
2. Peacekeeper(10)- Peacekeepers are the highest rank of the alliance, they are elected because they show dedication, responsibility, and respect. They hold the ability to kick members, and change rules by vote. Have veto power as well.
3. Faction representatives(8)- There are eight faction representatives, as there are eight factions. Each representative is chosen by their OWN faction, and changes monthly.