The player helps Azzanadra restore the ruins discovered in Runescape

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Senntisten was the capital city of the Zarosian Empire, which existed during the Second and Third Ages. According to modern archaeological findings, Senntisten stretched from the River Salve in what is now eastern Misthalin to the fortress of Paddewwa where Edgeville now exists, making it the largest known city in history.

Senntisten was established during the early Second Age when Zaros arrived in Gielinor from another world. The Zarosian Empire rapidly expanded until it encompassed most of what is now Misthalin, Asgarnia, the Wilderness, and northern Morytania.

The establishment of Senntisten, along with the rest of the Empire, greatly disrupted the trade and movement of those nations established during the Second Age, prior to Guthix’s departure. The Kharidian Desert, Hallowland, Eastern Sea, and tribesmen of Misthalin and Asgarnia were kept greatly separated by the presence of the Empire, which proved extremely dangerous to outsiders.

When Zaros was overthrown at the end of the Second Age, Senntisten continued to remain loyal to him, however, it was victim of countless invasions after Zamorak’s return from his banishment, due to the Gods having now begun to conquer the territory that Zaros had left, leaving Senntisten severely weakened by simultaneous Saradominist and Zamorakian attacks in which it finally crumbled shortly before 3740, with its population wiped out.

After that, in 3804, the Saradominists tried to cover up evidence of Zaros’ existence left on the ruins, creating Saranthium, a city that stood above Senntisten’s eastern ruins. Saranthium, despite its vibrant beginnings, was destroyed in the early Fourth Age by Zamorakian attacks.

Although Varrock now exists where Senntisten’s centre once stood, the eastern portions of the city are currently being excavated by the Varrock Museum. During the Digsite Quest, players discover a cavern beneath the ruins where the remains of a Zarosian altar still exist. The Senntisten ruins still appear to posess some dark energy, as evidenced by Tolna’s claims during A Soul’s Bane.

Those with the knowledge of Ancient Magicks can utilise a Zarosian spell, Senntisten Teleport, to teleport here, provided they have 60 Magic, 2 Law runes and one Soul rune. The Digsite Pendant, which uses the same teleportation channel, also can be used.On 3 December 2009, Jagex released The Temple at Senntisten, a quest in which the player helps Azzanadra restore the ruins discovered in the The Dig Site.

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