The Developer Of MU Legend Are Creating An Active PvP Atmosphere


MU Legend is the continuation of the popular in the early’s 3D MMORPG, MU Online. In MU Legend, you will find a spectacular hack and slash gameplay, content for party and solo players, and unique classes. What content is planned to be introduced on the Global OBT of the international version? Will GvG, a new class, a new dungeon or something else like that? More content and details can be found at U4GM with ease, reference to here.

MU Legend

MU Legend is a prequel MU Online and you can learn about how the Great Sage lkarus failed to prevent the resurrection of Kundun and therefore sent the heroes to the past. During the trip, they lost their memory and forgot about their skills, and therefore they will have to work hard to achieve their goal and destroy the followers of Kundun.

PvP is a fascinating system in MMORPG, but not every player wants to see this option, so we are developing various options for creating an active and competitive PvP-atmosphere. For example, players can easily access some kinds of PvP content, thanks to matches in the 1-in-1 arena with AI characters, improve PvP skills in group battles 3n3 and enjoy large-scale PvP battles in guild competitions, as well as in air battlefields. Our goal is to give players as much activity as possible.

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