The Clan Camp is the main hub for many clans of RuneScape

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The Clan Camp is the main hub for many clans of RuneScape, and it is the entry point for the Clan Citadels. If you’re looking to create a new clan or join an existing clan, it’s the place to go. Technically, it falls under the jurisdiction of Falador’s White Knights, but mostly they just provide a bit of manpower and support – the camp is very much for whatever clans want it to be for.

Being just outside Falador, the Clan Camp also lies in the centre of both Asgarnia and of RuneScape, and as such it is relatively straightforward to find. It lies directly outside Falador’s south gate. To its east is Falador farm; to the west is the Makeover Mage; and Port Sarim and Rimmington are to the south.

The first port of call for those new to the Clan Camp is the clan scribe to the camp’s north-east corner. He helps people to officially register and setup their clan, including choosing the name, motif, motto and colours. The area all around the outside edges of the Clan Camp is designated for recruiting new people to your clan. There are many stands in which to plant your vexillum and station a recruiter.

South of the scribe stands the Captain of the Guard, who’s on duty all day, every day…er, handing out clan cloaks. It’s not a glamorous job, but someone has to do it. West of the Captain is the Sergeant-at-Arms, who you should talk to about Rated Clan Wars and who dishes out RCW badges.

Smack bang in the centre of the camp is the meeting tent, in which you can hold public or private meetings, as well as clan votes. Finally, to the south of the meeting tent is the noticeboard, upon which you can post events for your clan. As with meetings, events can be designated as either public or private.

In the west of the camp, marked by the green dot, is the Citadel Portal. Clan members who have permission to do so may visit their Clan’s Citadel – if they have one – or visit the Citadel of another Clan.

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