The cabbage patch south of Falador in Runescape

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The cabbage patch south of Falador is a small field covered with cabbages, which can be picked up. When eaten, cabbages heal ten life points. Usually, when someone uses the term “cabbage patch”, they are referring to this one and not the Lumbridge cabbage patches, as this cabbage patch has been popularised by the 2009 April Fools event and the Explorer’s ring 3’s free unlimited cabbage-ports to the area.

The Falador cabbage patch was heavily involved in the 2009 April Fools event. In the event, any cabbages picked from the cabbage patch would immediately begin to bounce around. The bouncing cabbages had the options of “tap”, “kick” and “catch”. When caught, the cabbages could be wielded. They gave no stat bonuses, however, and players attacked with the same animation as if they were unarmed. Additionally, cabbages could be thrown to other players. For them to receive a cabbage, they had to have Accept Aid turned on. The 2009 April Fools event was removed on 8 April, and all of the cabbages returned to normal.

The Explorer’s ring 3 and the Explorer’s ring 4 supply unlimited teleports to the Falador cabbage patch through the “dual-cabbageway”. These can be beneficial for accessing the Farming patch, which is directly north of the cabbage patch, and quick transport to Draynor Village or Port Sarim.

This cabbage patch has approx. 83 cabbages.If you were to kick a cabbage all the way from here to Oo’glog during the 2009 April Fools Event, Brassica Prime would appear and set off fireworks.?A tree appeared right at the south gate of the cabbage field when the trees in the area were updated, but has since been removed as of the 12th of April, 2011.

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