TERA Warriors: How Do You Deal With Boss Mechanics, RNG?

Now as we have established before, boss mechanics and RNG are a deciding factor in your decision making. How do you deal with those? First and foremost, your first priority is to stay alive. A dead DPS, or even worse, a dead Tank, contribute nothing to their party for the duration of their death. And you won’t see any good numbers for yourself either. Besides, TERA players can buy TERA Gold at the cheapest price and instant delivery in U4GM. We have a full stock of cheap Tera online gold at U4GM.


Sometimes this means that you will have to interrupt chains in order to follow mechanics. This means you may sometimes land at an uneven number of the edge when you didn’t plan to. In this case, you have to correct the process. Let’s play out a scenario:
We assume that you just reached 7 edge, and your Aerial Scythe, Blade Waltz, and Blade Draw, as well as Charging slash are all on cooldown. You have to do a mechanic, leaving you at 7 edge.

At this point, you need to make a decision: Will your Blade Draw be up again when you are able to hit the boss again? If not, which combo will get you to 10 edge the fastest? The answer is that you will use any combination of an Edge corrector and a 2-edge Filler. You might also need an Evasive Roll depending on which Filler you are using, or in which order you are doing either chain.

In other cases, particularly while using Deadly Gamble, you only might reach 10 edge if you overshoot your Scythe, meaning you use Scythe at “11” edge or more. In this case, it is better to overshoot it rather than “undershoot” it and risk it not quitting.

Other times, the boss may start turning around a lot. Often, people start to back-chase the boss, losing a lot of Resolve for their Evasive Rolls, and ultimately time wasted while not attacking at all. Sometimes, when you can expect the boss to turn around multiple times, it may be better to not chase the back and instead continue stacking edge from where you currently stand, to instead finish your stacking procedure, and only then roll to the back to crit your Scythe.

Your damage on your stacking skills will be lower for that amount of time, but remember that Aerial Scythe and Scythe are your main damage dealers, so you should ALWAYS be hitting them from the back regardless. Particularly with a good tank, this should however not happen often and you should always chase the Bosses’ back when it turns in those cases unless it is part of a mechanic.

A similar rule applies to Warrior Tanks, although they are both more versatile and also more responsible in this. Warrior Tanks can attack the side of the boss and still deal full damage, as everything that doesn’t hit the back is technically counted as “front” hit, although attacking from the side yields higher crit chances. You can even attack the back of some bosses while standing sideways and get frontal crit modifiers with back crit chance. However, as a Tank, your priority is to keep the boss steady and well positioned. So you should always be aware of when you have to be back at the bosses front.

Lastly, only facetank when you can expect no HP-draining mechanic coming up soon and when you are 100% certain that you can survive the attack. This is particularly true for Warrior Tanks who have to play a lot with damage mitigation. For more information on getting Tera gold, click here https://www.u4gm.com/tera-gold.