Runescape3 Mage Hybrid Range

In this overview you will certainly learn how you can make a mage / selection hybrid (like elvemage) other than on f2p. You can finish up with a personality with 70 mage and 70 varied and around level FIFTY fight for the low-level crater in Bounty Hunter if you adhere to the directions right.


The main idea of a range/mage hybrid depends on the magic needed to bind and complete the prey off (with a minimum of degree 59 for fire good time, 16 damage max) or against warriors with shield that conveniently counters versus ranged and the ranged to deal damages (fire good time is very costly). Allow’s Get going Subsequently!

Return to ask and lumbridge for arrows and a training bow from the varied tutor. Go kill some even more poultries, and do the very same to the bones as last time.

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Decide on up the arrowheads you drop because you do not have many and select up the bones. With your continuing to be runes (ideally you’re at degree 3 magic or higher) cast confuse on the chickens or ducks.