Runescape the 9th faction:guthix!

Hello and welcome to this thread! I’m going to try to defend the necessity of a 9th faction, the Guthixian one. I’m going to do this in FAQ-style. I also want to emphasize that you should read the FAQ’s first before posting. Your question might already be answered!

1. How would a Guthixian faction look like?

The Guthixian faction would represent Guthix’ teachings. It would be based upon three principles:
– Balance is the most important way of life. Through balance there can be peace, freedom and harmony for all mortals.
– The Gods should be banished out of Gielinor. Guthixians are obligated to aid the World Guardian into doing this. Mortals should chose freely over their lifes.
– Guthixians should not let anger in their hearts. Neither should they grief for Guthix’ death. They should pay honour to him by forgetting his person but not his teachings. It is what he wanted.

2. What are the main differences between the Guthixian faction and Seren/The Godless?

Seren aims for the same peace as Guthix. However she doesn’t share his aim for balance and freedom. She is a more passive god and lacks action.
The Godless aims for the same freedom as Guthix. However they don’t share his aim for balance and peace. They believe they should fight against the gods, going against the wish of Guthix. The Godless are more the offensive side, while Guthixians are the defensive side.

3. But isn’t following Guthix against his wish?

There is a distinctive difference between folowing a god and folowing an idea. For nearly all factions this is one and the same. But technically, a Guthixian faction would only folow Guthix principles. There is no point in crying ”For Guthix!” if he can’t hear them. They instead keep his legacy and teachings alive. Guthix wanted to be forgotten, but at the same time he want that people don’t forget his words. Sadly that is a paradox. As his wish is to spread the word, he can never be forgotten. If it is still too unbearable to even reference him, I could call the new faction the Balancers, but it would be just nitpicking on terms. It wouldn’t change the essence of the faction. Idea by Zee: Make the Guthixian title tesame as World Guardian.

4. Wait, Guthix is dead right?

Guthix is dead and cannot help us anymore. But he doesn’t want that all his principles die with him. Also, it seems there is no issue in folowing a dead god, it is what the Godless do to. As the factions are about ideologies, it doesn’t matter who or what it represents.

5. Can’t the Godless represent Guthix in full?

No they cannot. The Godless differs mainly that they have a shared goal, not a philosophy. I see them more like a splinter group of the Guthixians but beside the aim to get rid of the gods they share nothing. Even non-Guthixian mortals would join like Kara-Meir and even a demon! They want to actively fight against the gods. They should realise they don’t stand a chance. Guthix gifted the World Guardian with divine power to fight against the gods. It is better the Guthixians aid the World Guardian than actively fight against the gods and wasting lives. Also, due their agressive behaviour towards gods, it is unlikely the Godless would want to make alliances. I see the Guthixians working together with Seren and Armadyl to join forces against the other ”bad” gods.

6. But Jagex does not intend to have a Guthixian faction… Read the FAQ’s!

I regret that. I see there needs to be a 9th faction. Some forumers are discussing the ideologies of the gods. There are all based upon two principles:
– A faction could be Good, Neutral or Evil.
– A faction could be Lawfull, Neutral or Chaotic.
By making combinations you get 9 factions out of 8. You can guess, the missing faction is the Guthixian faction.
Now I’ve fully explained what the differences between the three similar factions are. I just don’t think Jagex should throw away the philosophy of balance yet.
On top of that, Jagex says it is Our Year. There seems to be enough support for a Guthixian faction. Now the Guthixians are split between Seren, the Godless and even Armadyl. Numerous times people explained to me they don’t fully agree with their choice, just because Jagex forces them. This is not right.

Also in its FAQ’s Jagex contradicts itself. I quote Mod Osborne:”There’s a belief that Guthixians have moved wholesale to the Godless. This is absolutely not the case: the largest proportion of the Guthixian followers are still following the teachings of Guthix. He’s not worshipped as a god, but they still respect his teachings.” But at the same time they force all players into folowing the Godless or Seren. It seems NPC’s has more freedom of choice than players…

7. How do you argument a Guthixian faction and not the Desert Pantheon, Marimbo,…?

There are three arguments:
1) The Guthixian faction has its own philosophy that can fit into the rest. The remaining factions do not.
2) The Guthixian faction has the size to influence the world. Previous polls indicated that Guthix had the 2nd largest following by the players, after Zaros.
3) Marimbo and others are regional gods. Their influence stop at their borders.

8. How can Jagex profit by allowing the Guthixian faction?

Jagex can profit in different ways.
First of all, they can satisfy a large group of players. They would prove to listen to player feedback. It would be a great PR-stunt.
Second of all, the lore can benefit. I would see the relation between the Guthixians and the Godless as a sort of generation conflict. The Guthixians would represent the old way of Guthix, the way of evolution. Mostly older Guthixians would follow. The Godless would represent the new way, the way to revolution. Mostly youger Guthixians would want to take action.
Over the course of the quests, the Godless could become more anti-Guthixians. They could become a bit extremistic, hurting mortals that follow other gods. It could lead to a break-up between the delusioned young Guthixians and the non-Guthixians. This brings more depth to the runescape gold game.