Runescape small issues

When in the bank and you click on ‘Worn Runescape Equipment Stats’ The giant equip screen pops up. But that isn’t my issue that the large equip screen with all the stats and everything pops up. My issue is when you equip or unequip anything from that screen the bank auto closes. That is were my issue comes into play with the new interface.

Before you could switch back and forth between bank and equip screen and add and remove armor and weapons and just as smoothly bank them. Now it is a 3 step program to equip armor and bank anything you might have been wearing.

I really believe you guys have made some nice steps forward with new interface but this part just seems to be stupidly backwards. If you hit the load out button on bank the only thing that should close your bank is walking away.

It would be like a web browser if you click on a link it opens it in new tab/window but closed old tab/ window if you did anything more then just look at the screen.

2. The exp tracker will not stay turned off. Each and every time I log in I go in and turn off my slayer exp tracker. And each time I log back in the exp tracker for slayer is on again. I go to interface setting and unchecked show exp tracker.

Is there anything else I need to do to get it to stay off?