Runescape multiplier is not resetting

This is the second time this is happened. I logged in and my multiplier for the Battlefield is not resetting.This needs to be fixed. I am sure if you check when i posted this and look at the time you will see it has only been a few minutes past the switch over time and I am still at a 1 multiplier. Such a fun thing to do, yet when players cannot get what they need to do the event it makes it a Runescape Gold game you do not want to play anymore. FIX IT PLEASE, or tell me what I am doing wrong. I have logged completely out and back and still has not changed. I turned in the Tears I had, do I have to get 3000 in order for it to switch, because it was not like that the first week.

As I do all the time. I turn them in before reset. Sadly the time before I had no tears in my inventory when I logged in and it was still not reset. I checked the forums, and unfortunately I am not the only one it seems. I have been at the battlefield everyday accept for 1 day.

Naw, I am sticking to Saradomin!

This happened a few days ago, but I did not have any tears on me at all, I know they cannot be banked. Just when I logged back in I got my squeals and went after my robust sand, and when I got to the battlefield it was still at a multiplier of 1. So when I logged out the day before I turned in my tears, and was absent a day, then came back and still at the multiplier of 1. So it made no sense to me.