RuneScape Me Your Stories

RuneScape is an epic adventure that can last you a lifetime. And just like life, it’s full of memorable characters, tough challenges and rewarding moments.

If you’ve been playing for a good number of years, the chances are that the story you’ve experienced in the game has provided a background to some of the most important moments in your own life – first days at college, long summer holidays, the birth of children or siblings. The stuff that matters, and the stuff that doesn’t.

But RuneScape isn’t just an individual experience. At its heart, RuneScape money is a living, breathing community full of passionate and diverse people. In a community of millions, there are many thousands of examples where RuneScape has brought people together – family, friends and even complete strangers – and it has kept them together even when they’re not playing.

In the Community Team, we find that kind of thing really inspirational. Seeing the game we love play a part in people’s lives, where it goes far beyond what many would expect to see from an adventure game. It underlines just how special the game is, along with its community, and we’re really proud of that fact.

So we want to hear from you.

150 words telling us about the part RuneScape has played in your life. Happy, sad, amusing or moving. We don’t need the raw details – just a small snapshot of a time in your life where RuneScape was more than just a game.

Post your story on this thread and share with us the reason RuneScape will always be a part of your life.