Runescape idea for demi-god

We all need comedy, right? Well no fear, I have an idea! A fat, humanoid pig that stands at 5,9 called Pigusti. He was originally a pig that lived in pig pens and forlicked along in the 3rd age in the realm of wherever Pigs or animals come from, probably the human Realm. However, he came across some sort of artefact, absorbed some of it’s power enough to become a tier 7 Demi-god. It transformed him into a fat, 5,9 pig. He is named the patron god of comedy. He has mild power to warp reality and make comedic things happen. Example, let’s say an army is fighting. Well, for comedic purposes he comes into the middle of the battle, pauses it for a moment, then blabbers about something (cake, or something silly) then goes off screen. He also reads letters every month the community sends him. However, he can’t use his magic to win battles or overpower anything. Even a tier 6 runescape 3 gold could beat him down. Even a tier 7.

Followers and race:


As a result of his comedy, a race of jesters was created to accompany him. Jesters do not fight much. These were not your regular jesters, these were pure manifestations of comedy, spirits of comedy most likely. Able to do unrealistic things (swallow apples in one gulp and show the apple going through their bodies.) Like their god, the jesters cannot use their COMEDIC power to kill.

Komedia’s: Komedia’s are a group of pig humanoids that the Comedy demi-god went to recruit on his inter-realm run through. He took a majority of them from their home world and traveled across other realms, entertaining and giving joy. Komedia’s must eat like humans, however, they can eat much laxer stuff. Dirt, grass, or anything from nature would fill them up easily. Komedia’s lifespan are between 1-900 normally.

Genies(some): Genies, sort of comedy genies that the Comedy god found on his inter-realm trip also follow and worship him. They can only grant wishes that involve comedy and joy, no killing, no battle wishes. They can, however, use magic at a very destructive level, making them his most efficient “warrior” followers persey.

Powers and abilities:

Pigusti was only granted a fraction of Elder power from whatever artefact he recieved. Thus, he is not very, very powerful, but still has a considerable amount of power to match some of tthe pantheon. He can use magic at a very good rate, although, his magic would be mostly destractive. To tickle or make someone laugh. He can teleport to different realms and hop from dimension to dimension.He can use telepathy and summon his followers when need be.He has the mild ability to grant wishes for comedic purposes.

God wars: Pigusti was somewhat active in the god wars. Him and a select few Komedia’s went to lesser-known places in devastated fishing colonies to bring laughter and joy to people. Other then that, he was majorly out of place during the wars. He made sure his followers were sheltered in hidden pig pens across Gielinor and avoided the runescape gold armies. He, however, did also involve himself in protecting Brassica Prime’s cabbages, which were majorly taken out during the war.

After the war, Guthix banned all gods from Gielinor. However, Pigusti was not seen as a threat, but didn’t want his power to strain anyone. So, he ordered his genies into their laps, the komedia’s to their realm, and the jesters to stay somewhat. He then burried himself underground a pig pen and took a nap.