RuneScape game will update content for high level players

Two New Skills

Mod Mark confirmed in a recent interview with RuneShark  that Jagex does have plans to release another skill into RuneScape, with him hinting at a late 2013 release. He confirmed it would not be sailing, whilst listing several suggestions that had come up, including unarmed combat, necromancy and others. In the fourth live Q&A session Mod Mark confirmed that two new skills would be released. One would be a gathering skill like mining and woodcutting and one would be a production skill such as crafting. What form these skills will take is yet to be announced.

Wilderness for skillers

In the fourth live Q&A session, it was mentioned that there will be updates to the Wilderness to try and get more skillers into the wilderness, such as better resources. It was specifically mentioned that there would be an improvement on the agility return from the Wilderness Agility Course.  However, with the no items kept upon death update, it is unlikely that many skillers will venture in to the wilderness for any reason.

RuneScape Update the content published in J 2013, and the project will mainly for the high-level players. Behind the scenes Runescape make three major update to outline in this month. Will be discussed, it was announced after the behind -the-scenes sequence. In order to maintain the real content, the release of RuneScape players will begin in 2013 with the pursuit.

Adjust the freezer door in the God Wars Dungeon recent hot topic has not been in vain. A the new Zarosian God of war, the boss will find that it will become more difficult than the current boss of RuneScape Gold. A new 80 + the godsword and armored combat statistics for all three combat styles will be released, will be a more powerful bow does not use ammunition. Dungeon armor and elite treasure trails bow should be at a disadvantage. Zaros robes will also be added. Jagex new content to appeal to a wider player base to demonstrate improved graphics, expect these battles enhanced graphics and quality.

Described in RuneScape confused with behind-the-scenes members of the seasonal content first one with of a new HATI wolf, We plan to launch ‘lasted only a set period of time, the HATI wolf will be fought by a group of players and the winner can be obtained a pair of gloves 10 hours a double hands-on experience.