Runescape function keys

As a player who always use the function keys (F1 inventory, F2 gear, F3 prayer, f4 abilities, F5 combat) i find it extremely hard to play Rs without them. Currently with the new interface system they don’t work as they use to.

I always miss-click on one of the F keys and open an interface which is really annoying. I KNOW that i can customize my interfaces and have them all together next to each others. But that’s not what i’m asking for. I would rather have all of them (Classic mode) in one slot and use the function keys to open them. Also they said that the new Alpha interface system will be fully customized, but yet you can’t customize your function keys, i tried it but i couldn’t.

Jagex, GIVE the players a full opportunity to customize their interfaces to what they want. I want to have my function keys the same as they used to, or else i will SUFFER playing rs for the next months.

I apologize about that, i was really disappointed on how will i be playing the game after now. So i just went to the forum and posted what i hope from Jagex to fix. Anyway i’m checking it out, and first of all you have my fully support.