Runescape divination

So this is a thread on what might the new skill may do…

”help with the logistics of gathering resources”

So…this skill will most likely help us gather current resources faster…This is needed for woodcutting (magic trees) but…won’t that make skilling worth even less?

Runite ore, Rocktails…Other high level gathering things.

Money by skilling is bad enough as it is…

”I can’t reveal too much just yet, but those well versed in the skill will have unprecedented access to gathering locations and high-end materials”

This sounds like Dungeoneering resource dungeons.

”granting you benefits – protecting you from killing blows, for example, or keeping additional items on death”

won’t we have to produce these? I thought it was just a gathering skill… or will we be able to use another skill to shape them or form them into useful items? (runecrafting most likely)

What I think is that BoL is a preview what the skill will be like. Gather dem tears to create/upgrade what goes in the pocket slot, and yes it is a gathering skill. The items you make will probably be made with other skills.

The description for the skill fits what BoL is. Mod Mark said it is “old school” training which BoL takes lots of grinding and it will rely on another skill if it is old school.(Look at all the skills and you see they pretty much rely on other skills) Then you have the reward you would get from training it.

Currently you gather divine tears and the new skill you will gather a divine energy. Maybe they will have tiers the same way the pocket slot item we get from BoL that you get for what team you are on. For example the one that protects items at lower levels you will keep one and at higher levels you can keep 2 or 3 items.

From some of the info we do have it kinda seems that BoL is a small preview to the skill. I just hope we do not gather the energy the same way as the tears by relying on our woodcutting, fishing, and mining. That it hopefully has its own equipment. (like pickaxes, hatchets, and fishing equipment) Although that could encourage more players to train those skills.

ATM for me it just sounds like it will bring new items to the pocket slot only but maybe I need to read about it more.