Runescape custom skins

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m not really a fan of everything being transparent, mostly because when that happens if you adjust the 3d world at all you get strange flashy background colors that sometimes make it hard to read and view the box content. So to avoid that I don’t use transparency at all.

I think it would an awesome addition if we could change the skin of those boxes, too. What I mean is change the blue-ish, textured background.

It would be cool if we had different options like…

Sleek simple colors: black, white, red, etc. (my preference)
Maybe some metal or wood textures for people are are into that.

I have no idea about any of the coding work that goes into the Jagex side of Runescape Gold, and I don’t see this as like a necessary addition. Just a suggestion for further customization ability. If it is something that can be easily done, though, I’m sure many would love to see it.

Let me know what everyone thinks!