Runescape cant use teleport spells

I couldn’t reproduce the home spell teleport issue however I can the other teleport issue. When I clicked the teleport spells in the book, they came up with cast on as if I was using a non-teleport spell.

EDIT: It has the same issue if you place it on the action bar. It wants you to cast it on something.You can’t cast it on yourself either. (I tried :p)

EDIT 2: Teletabs still work fine.

EDIT 3: Portals in house also still work fine. This appears to be strictly a spell book/ action bar issue.

When i click on a teleport spell it won’t let me teleport. it looks like the Runescape Gold game sees that the teleport spell reacts he same as a combat spell. This is what happens and i shall post screens of my set-up.

1.I put my mage abilities on my screen.
2.i clicked on varrock teleport spell.
3. the spell button is pressed, and my mouse icon changed.
4.nothing happens.

puush link.
My set-up. http://puu***/3EZX2.jpg
the problem. http://puu***/3F00f.jpg

As you can see i need to use the spell? 0-o…..

Also the home teleport is bugged. i cant choose to what location i go. It just put me to the latest used loadstone.Edit, not sure if it is html5 or the interface that gives this problem, but it seems it is the interface.

D Domino1.

The game just goes on and it is not that the game is slow or what so ever, teleport tabs work fine but when you use teleports in the spellbook it wont.

and that is why i post it cuz of that message, its a beta so there are bugs so those things need to be fixed.