Runescape before 3D

Hello everyone. Aren’t all great people named Mark.. My name is Mark! The guy who created facebook…Mark… Mark Walberg, even that lawyer who defended travon.. Anyways,

Remember when rune was worth tons and tons of money? My question is, why is there such a gap between rune armor and dragon armor? Why has rune become not so valuable anymore, perhaps if dragon was not significantly better than rune.Also, why has the price of dragon armor gone down so drastically in the past years? I do like all of the new skills involved, and adding the yellow adrenaline bar a few years back was also a great idea. I have built new combat strategies to increase my combat performance and capabilities. It helps me truly understand the idea of combat much more than before. Yes I know, I have been known to attack only black knights, but now just recently, where the heck or what the heck did they do to the castle?? It’s like they were on to me or something. All I ever did was attack them, and if I lost a significant amount of health I would quickly have the monks heal me. I would sell all the loot dropped and make tons of prayer xp believe it or not ha. I really appreciate the xp lamps as well. I put it all on prayer baby oh and pendants

In all, there have been quite a few great changes to runescape in the past few years. I cannot wait to see more to come. This game is evolving to the players. We are much more integrated into the Runescape 2007 Gold game now, rather than just clicking all day. With the plethora of quests and new story lines, we back away from the game slightly to see the bigger picture of it. Ironically enough, backing away to see the bigger picture is what brings us closer to the game. Great job MOD Mark and all of the other Runescape Staff. I appreciate everyone of you. I hope I brown nosed enough for you to give me my black knights back to kill ;)!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day to all of you.