Runescape Bando intentions

Sure, there are other deities that we seem to focus more on, but what about Bandos? He’s such a mystery. His origins, his intents, and the mystery on how he plans on regaining the power he lost after the events of The Chosen Commander. If he plans on participating in another runescape 2007 gold war, then we can expect him to find a way to be at full power. I personally can’t wait to find out more about the other 4 deities. Seren, Armadyl (My fave!), Zaros, and of course, Bandos.

Post thoughts below. You might get some Cherry Cheesecake.

The idea that he is such a betrayer that wants to cause war, yet at the same time is very cunning and untrustworthy has made me realize something. I feel like he knows that he doesn’t have that much support and dedication anymore and needs to change that if he needs to create a huge battle. I could see him faking promises with the Cave Goblins, while at the same time creating a hidden alliance with the HAM.

He could promise the HAM that since being the master of all goblins, he could force the cave goblins away from Lumbridge or even have them killed (which would ultimately let Bandos have his revenge.) Some god could come in and Bandos could pretend to want to defend them all but ultimately stab them in the back. He is the god of war after all! He doesn’t care what you think of him, he doesn’t care about you, he just wants more gruesome battles. But from his God Book, I don’t think he is that dumb with his strategies.

This inspired me even further! Maybe it’s all reverse psychology? With Zanik being practically worshiped by everyone, and Zanik despises Bandos, he could do one thing that would cause Zanik to retaliate with the support of the other cave goblins- and whatever the retaliation was could cause Bandos to grow stronger. Therefore, in a direct indirect way, Zanik would be his Chosen Commander! Isn’t that a scary thought?

What massive amount of power did he loose? The cave goblins already didn’t like him, and those that were deluded enough to, still do. But now the cave goblins have a leader (Zanik) that’s “proven to have defied him.” And whatever she does, they do. Therefore any step Bandos makes will be sidestepped by her (as well as the rest), but if Bandos plans right he could cause them to do something in his favor in some reverse psychological way.

Bandos doesn’t care about his followers, but he does care for war. That doesn’t mean he is nonstrategic. As for the comment about humans never being his followers- that doesn’t matter. In war there have been many truces with nations that didn’t care for one another.