RS Elder Trees

Due to the elder shieldbow has stats equivalent to the former stats of the dark bow, we’ve increased the dark bow’s tier to level 70, and its stats accordingly. It’s a more fearsome weapon than ever! As a reward, we’ve also added ferocious dark arrows, which can be fletched using dark arrowheads with level 95 Fletching. Dark arrowheads is a new drop from dark beasts.


The elder tree is the new trees to RuneScape which brought today. The trees can be sought out at ten locations around the world. They offer good Woodcutting XP when cut, and their logs will be of great use to fletchers and firemakers of level 90 and above. you’ll need to cycle between a few of them to get the best gathering rate. Beacuse of they grow back more slowly than other trees.

Only members of can enjoy it. Fletchers of level 90 and above can create elder shieldbows and shortbows – level 60 ranged weapons. A shieldbow sight can be attached to the elder shieldbow, increasing its required Ranged and Defence levels to 65, and boosting its stats accordingly. And cutting elder trees requires at least 90 Woodcutting.

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