Pulled into runescape wildy

I was using the mini map… That’s what was so weird. I went back to try and reproduce the problem but it didn’t happen again.

All I know is once the NIS is in the live game, I’m not going anywhere near the Wildy wall… I’m a terrible PvPer and I would supose that I would be even worse not being able to see.

I was running between the buildings and wildy wall in north Edgeville on the NON-PvP side using the Mini Map to navigate. I had the camera at its lowest angle… All of a sudden the camera flips out… I can’t see anything!

But that’s not the urgent part… I was PULLED INTO THE WILDY! I did NOT click the wall but when the camera flipped out and I looked at the mini map to see where I was, I was being attacked by skeletons INSIDE the wilderness.

NIS is not ready for release… There are tons of other usability bugs, but THIS MUST be fixed!

I guess that its possible that the client registered a click as I was spinning the camera to see the green lazer lines in the doorway of the most north east building in Edge* (With the camera all the way down). That’s why I was running there in the first place.

I have noticed the camera to behaving a bit oddly recently, for me it tends to happen if I zoom in a lot. (max zoom   html5 looks nice). Every so often the camera seems to get “stuck” almost perfectly horizontally / below what is currently possible.

I have noticed, again only while zoomed in more then what is more or less standard, the camera making fast and unnatural turns and corrections. A few times this “correction” has caused the game screen to flicker and grey/white/even green out. The interfaces remained visible, just the Runescape Gold game window went (in the html5   nis)

I haven’t seem to have much of a problem however when the camera is more or less normal distance away.

Though at times it feels like I am constantly fighting the camera while I move around.