Pre runescape NIS option

People such as myself like to have the option to upgrade to a different system, as even old systems have their upsides, its a matter of preference.

I purpose a suggestion to integrate a Pre-NIS system to the current game, or a variant to it.

Personally I find myself wanting this feature due to available screen space for multitasking (Without having to switch tabs), even though the customization of NIS is great, I just can’t get it to function as well as the Pre-NIS did for my needs, it was a much better design in this particular scenario.

Another example would be skills that take place mostly at a bank, this type of Runescape Gold game-play i find to be very tedious as the current system has two inventory’s which gets me very confused at times!

As we’ve learnt from not too distant events it can be beneficial to give people a choice

I hope you will at least consider this request, as I personally don’t see a downside to this proposal, if you don’t want to use it you can stick with NIS, and people that do want to use it are very happy!