POP finding my demon

Was in player own’d house and demon was in room i was changeing to dinning room. Changed room split second saw he was in there and havent seen from him sence the room change. Idk if its a glitch or a bug but log’d in and out then back in to POH and still nothing on him.

I went to the ardy butler place but was saying that i already had a servent so couldnt buy another one. thus he’s still in the the house probly under the room i changed. Deleted the room and then went out of house and back in to see if this would help but it did not.
Can any one help im not making this up think i killed/glitched my demon with a room.
Runescape 3 gold i cant type that without smile’n. But please help. His name is timmy and think he is scared. and i wana train with mahognoy table method lvl 70 ****rustion at the moment
want lvl 75 for gild alter.

the bed room was on top of the room i had to remove for the dinning room next to portal. ill try this and see if it workd ty for the help.