Path of Exile Be Updated

Path of Exile

Path of Exile, the popular free-to-play, Diablo-style action role playing game (RPG) from Grinding Gear Games, has finally made the jump from Steam to Xbox One. With loads of characters, areas, and depth, plus extremely fair monetization, this is one free game. GM2V think that every RPG fan needs to try.

Even though War for the Atlas, the upcoming expansion for Path of Exile is scheduled for a December 8 release, it appears the studio behind the Action-RPG, Grinding Gear Games, is already prepping the ground work for the expansion.

A new update for Path of Exile is now available on the PC platform. While the changelog, which you can view below, is rather small, it should be noted that the rather large patch file is to ensure the Path Of Exile player base won’t have to download large files come December 8.

The change log

Fixed various issues with Templar armour visuals introduced in 3.0.3.

Fixed various visual issues with War for the Atlas supporter pack portals.

Fixed sizing issues with War for the Atlas portrait frames when viewed in 4k resolution.

Fixed clipping issues with the Seeker Cloak.

Fixed a client crash with the low mana tutorial.

New patch aside, the Grinding Gear Games has also been quite busy, as they’ve been showcasing some of the new content that will go live once War for the Atlas is available. The studio is showcasing a new boss, Shakari ,and revealing numerous changes to corpse skills.

Path of Exile comes recommended for a lot of reasons. While not exactly groundbreaking, nor particularly exciting to look at or listen, its gameplay is addicting, frequently gratifying, and as deep or as simple as you like it to be. It can be perfect to while away an hour or two or to sink into on a restless night. With friends it’s fun, and by yourself, you can turn on a podcast or some music and enjoy your violent life in exile.