One of the most popular training monsters in Runescape

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Waterbirth Island is a crescent-shaped island accessible from Rellekka’s westernmost pier by talking to Jarvald. The island itself contains several spawns of Rock crabs, one of the most popular training monsters, and a few hobgoblins. However, the main attraction of Waterbirth Island is its huge dungeon, filled with dangerous creatures like Dagannoths, Wallasalkis, Giant Rock Crabs, and Rock lobsters.

Many players go to this dungeon to fight the three Dagannoth kings, to get the pieces needed for Fremennik armour, or to kill Rock lobsters which are the fast but expensive method of collecting crimson charms. Snape grass is also very plentiful here.Players may teleport to the island using the Lunar magic spells Waterbirth Teleport or Tele Group Waterbirth, which require 72 and 73 Magic respectively.

In addition, a player who has the Fremennik sea boots 3 (by completing all hard Fremennik Tasks) has the option of changing the teleport location of the enchanted lyre to Waterbirth Island. Once the Teleport location of the lyre has been toggled by speaking to the Bard in Relleka, it is not necessary to wear the boots to make use of this teleport. To sail to the island, players need to complete The Fremennik Trials. Players who have not completed the Fremennik Trials quest can go to the island by starting the quest and paying Jarvald a fee of 1000gp.

Upon arriving at Waterbirth Island, snow will fall in front of the player’s screen. There are not many creatures outside, just Rock crabs and a few hobgoblins. There are quick respawns of Snape grass near the landing site and in several other locations across the island. As the player lands on the island, he/she may follow the path west and south to venture inside Waterbirth Island Dungeon. Some unnecessary blocking from Waterbirth Island was removed with the 9 November 2009 updates.

Waterbirth Island plays a fairly large role in the quest Blood Runs Deep. Afterwards, the player can kill Dagannoth guardians in the southern cave.Waterbirth Island’s minimap is commonly known to not load entirely, leaving a thick black strip, blocking out terrain but still showing players, items and NPCs.

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