Non combat buffs and timers

My request or suggestion is a simple one…

Now that we have a dedicated on screen buffs and debuffs section, I was hoping it would be expanded to include non-combat buffs.

Probably not necessarily invisible buffs like or those given by worn items but if I’ve eaten or drunk something to boost my levels, I would at least hope for an additional icon in the buffs/debuffs area of said skill and a plus sign.

This would really help in determining when I need to drink again or use restore. It’s better than having to squint at my skills tab and their tiny numbers.

This is especially important, I have noticed, with skills that are a continuous action. I noticed that while boosting my level to fish for cavefish (for a task), that my avatar kept fishing but wouldn’t catch anything when I dropped below 85.

It would also be great to have an icon in the buffs section for other boosts like juju potions. Oftentimes I’m unsure of whether I am still under the effects of the potions because their messages are lost in conversations.

As a further request, I think it would be nice to have a timer in the buffs section for temporary buffs. If not a countdown clock, then at least a turning overlay similar to how ability cool downs work so I can see how long anti-fire, anti-poison, or (if above request implemented) my juju mining potion still has to go*

Buff icons for non-combat skill boosts
Buff icons for non-combat temporary effects (eg juju potions)
Visible timer for temporary buffs