No nis runescape connection

Attempted to log into nis (java): connection establishes up to log in window, shaders load as normal. correct information put in, logging in, get to lobby and select the only members world. logg into a white game window with the interfaces ( chat, minimap, inventory present) but the game window is white and when i try to move my camera, nothing happens. i cannot tell if it moves through the white game window but the compass does not change direction. i doubt it had to do with my location in game as i was at DemonHeim but i will try other locations.
EDIT: same result at other locations. i tried going to lowest settings graphically and window sizes but nothing is changing.
attempted to log into nis (HTML5): connection established up to log in window, shaders load up and everything, put in correct login information. the server doesn’t move past the “logging in please wait” interface.

I do in fact love that you guys fixed the import save though, was very needed among the community! ( i myself didn’t mind)
those are the two problems i have with the updated NIS and with this provided feedback I do request that someone among the community or a Jagex Moderator can answer for me; when we’ve decided on how out NIS layouts will be inside the betas, when the runescape gold game goes live, do we have the ability to load out those saved layouts? i attempted to reload an interface i had up previously in the nis ( java) but i couldn’t seem to find my old layout ( as previously saved).
thanks! i hope you guys figure it out for us before release! 6 days left!