NBA 2K17 & Trophy List And Virtual Reality

Gaming has a lot of aspects, one of aspect is Virtual Reality, it might be not fullt embraced yet in sports, nonetheless, with respect to the notion, it seem to that it have been changed, in the game’s trophy list, from starting with NBA 2K17 as hinted.



While at Polygon it was not believed to be a full-on feature for NBA 2K game, it is allegedly directed towards a series of mini-games . This not only raised certain questions regarding the compatibility of the sports genre with virtual reality in gaming but also formulates notions why that is the case. Apparently, the notion was not unfounded given only common logic about it.

One likely argument, for instance, is the highlight of the player’s relative limitation in the sport he or she is playing, especially at amateur levels. Playing a true-to-action game via virtual reality can be easily hampered by the person’s relative limitation towards the sport at hand.


At first glance, the achievement goals that made the list may not appear as those meant for virtual reality with goals akin for a traditional gameplay. But the notion easily shifts towards the realization that the trophies themselves are meant for something more advanced as is virtual reality with the label that says “NBA 2KVR EXPERIENCE TROPHIES,” as mentioned at Exophase. Looking directly at the description for the trophies, the label can be easily overlooked and may just be ignored altogether.

As we all know NBA 2K17, for instance, for those players who makes a club’s roster is only a professional rookie at the least. However, speaking to rookie, to a certain extent, what this means is that unskilled both in-game as well as reality. Arguably, until now the VR feature of NBA 2K17 is not appeared, there is still not a word from 2K, nevertheless, the premised list of trophies are certainly extremely telling.