NBA 2K17: How To Answers For Free VC And In-Game Rewards

If you can answer all the questions of NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 5, and you would get more Virtual Currencies than the previous episode, like cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC. According to 2K Sports, it may be heared the requests of fans, Regarding how to acquire more VC as well as fewer accessories, nowly, players can earn 600 VC in total, a Top Plays Shirt and Limited Diamond Gary Payton Card via answering the questions.


Every week, NBA 2K17 2KTV brings a new episode which enables players to know more information about the featured athletes as well as some details on how they made the game. The biggest reason why some watch the episodes is the bonuses players can get if they watch the videos on their select platform and manage to answer the questions correctly. To answer the questions, players can simply head to 2KTV App. Here are all the answers for the questions asked in Episode 8. Undoubtly, enough cheap NBA 2K17 MT is attract with so many gamers.

Question 1: Which historic NBA team has Larry Nance Sr.
Answer: 89-90 Cavs – 100VC

Question 2: Which P&R defense is this
Answer: Hard Edge – 100VC

Question 3: Where did Julius play in College
Answer: Kentucky – 100VC

Question 4: Which house rule for play now do you like most
Answer: Player’s choice – 50VC

Question 5:Which hall of famer did 2KTV interview
Answer: Gary Payton – Limited Diamond Gary Payton Card

Question 6: Which game mode do you like to play the Lakers or their players
Answer: Player’s Choice – 50VC

Question 7: Player of The Week
Answer: Player’s Choice – Top Plays Shirt

Question 8: In NBA 2k17, Dew NBA 3x is a special event in which game mode
Answer: MyPark – 100VC

Question 9: Which P&R defense is this
Answer: ICE – 100VC

For the show host Rachel A. Demita, this time, it covers the Episode 8 from Dew NBA 3x Championship LA. She sits down with Julius Randle from Los Angeles Lakers and Larry Nance Jr. in the show. The trio discusses different aspects of the gameplay styles. For more latest news, you can access official websites with cheap NBA 2K17 MT.