My exp isn’t changing

Okay, so.. practically faithfully (unless I’m on vacation) I do jack of trades to help me boost my summoning levels. I always use any rewards, for example: Squeel of fortune, penguin points that I receive on it as well. For the past week, I was stuck with 100k til level 98. now, I know that I’ve done a full list of penguin points for 2 weeks. and I’ve done jack of trades everyday except maybe one. today, I was still that same number of 100,687 or something til lvl. I did jack of trades, i even told my friend the amount i had left and i received 9k from jack of trades. my exp did not go down!!!!

Thinking maybe there is something going on with the stat menu, i had been checking my exp on high scores, the numbers never match up. I had done a pouch for summoning (grahhk) and my number finally moved from 100 something k to now 99,661 to level 98.
my current exp according to the game stat screen is 11,534,088. but when I go on highscores, it is showing that my current exp is 11,523,770.
what is going on??? any help would be appreciated.