Mu Legend: Endless War Waged Between Rugard And Sekneum

The content of Mu Legend that will please solo players or groups, in addition, a world that is intriguing and deep that will please new and old fans. In a word, MU Legend is the much anticipated MMO of action and continuation of MU Online. Mu Legend will take gamers to an endless war waged between Rugard and Sekneum, respectively the god of light and the god of destruction. Have you ever purchased cheap Mu Legend Zen at U4GM?


The Only Hope
As the end approaches, Icarus, the last sage, goes to Kethotum to stop Kundun and stop the destruction. The wise knights accompany the wise Knights of Devias, struggling to save the world from absolute destruction, alongside their brave leader – you.

The Resurrection Of Kundun
Peace lasted a millennium, but it would not go on forever. Unable to resist the lure of evil forces, Kundun succumbed to temptation and awakened as a lord of darkness. The evil that dwells in him now plagues the world and sheds blood throughout the earth. MU is on the verge of destruction. More latest news and guides, tips, tricks, you can keep it right here on:

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