Many players come here with a fishing rod and bait in Runescape

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The Elf Camp can be found in Tirannwn, the most western part of Gielinor. It is a small camp of elf warriors under the command of Lord Iorwerth. The Regicide quest needs to be started to access it. Although there are fightable elves in the camp, it is highly recommended to fight elves in Lletya instead, since there is both a bank and altar there. Lletya is also much safer and easier to access.During the Regicide quest, players help Lord Iorwerth, not knowing that he is one of the “evil” elves.

Elf warrior. These are the warriors, the protectors of Elf Camp. You can attack them but be prepared, as they have high defence and can hit fairly hard.Lord Iorwerth. He is the leader of the Elf Camp. A fishing spot can be found to the north-west of Elf Camp. Here, players can catch sharks, but it is not often used because there are no banks nearby.

Instead, it is often used for emergency healing because there are also two everlasting fires in the camp. This is provided that the player has the correct level to fish sharks and a harpoon to fish with, unless the player has completed Barbarian Training and has level 96 Fishing and 76 Strength. Slightly to the south-east, there are lure/bait fishing spots.

Many players come here with a fishing rod and bait, or fly fishing rod and feathers for elf Slayer assignments and use the fishing spots and everlasting fires to heal. Chickens can be killed in Port Tyras for feathers, south of the camp. Since many players enter the camp by boat, then walk through the forest of traps, killing chickens in Port Tyras for feathers to use later for fishing may be helpful.However, with the release of Deadliest Catch, this spot becomes useful due to the bank deposit box there.

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