Madden 18 – Gameplay Itself Has Changed Little

Every year millions of fans are excited about the start of the new football season in America. At the beginning of September it is time again, the NFL starts in a new series and more and more German fans can get used to the Pillenhatz. Who wants to play off the late broadcasting times on television football, it can now make itself comfortable again in front of the domestic console. With Madden NFL 18, Electronic Arts is launching into the new generation of sports games. But the changes compared to the 2017 version are noticeable, a new purchase is worthwhile for owners of older versions. We hunted with the Green Bay Packers into the turmoil.


At the beginning the high beginners’ friendliness is immediately apparent. Fundamentally, the mechanisms of sport are well explained to newcomers and despite the full English language and text editions, one finds quickly in the tidy menus.

In addition to the well-known modes: Career, Quickplay and Ultimate Team now, as already known from the Fifa-offspring 2017, a story mode to choose from. Here the player, in a visually impressive graphic environment, accompanies the College star Devin Wade on his way to the Superball. In addition to detailed play tips, the player is also given an extensive insight behind the scenes of the million-strong sport with all the associated ups and downs. Every playful decision and every result directly affects the development of our exceptional talent. The mode titled “Longshot” is quite short, but knows how to inspire and makes you want to continue in the coming year. Thus an absolute enrichment for the Madden series.

Gameplay itself has changed little. Veterans are quickly steered by the hand, only on the difficulty level something was filed. So it has now become more difficult to place long passports with the other player and also the space-grabbing running moves are now braked rather by the opposing defense. We find good, as successes like a touchdown or only the saving fieldgoal have to be worked out “harder” and the selection of the moves is more the focus of our own considerations.

Graphically Electronic Arts on the basis of the Frostbite Engine still has a little thrust on it, the stadiums seem even more lively and the facial features of the players and carers at the edge already almost frighteningly realistic.

Madden NFL 18 has once again succeeded. The new story mode significantly enhances the footballsimulation. Through a detailed tutorial is also the perfect time for newcomers to plunge into the world of American football. There is the point deduction, because technically and playfully nothing has improved significantly. Innovations are taken over from FIFA and the gameplay has now also a few years on the hump. Nevertheless, EA’s sports game starter 2017 remains an absolutely worth seeing and time-consuming living room variant of the sport of American Football. Madden 18 Coins PS4/ Xbox One in store now, you guys can click for it.