Madden 18: Coach Your team To Victory Guides

Madden 18

Our first post season draft and needs to fill a few spots, do you have what it takes to coach your team to victory? Here are some guides. If you also want your team to win, and lack of Madden 18 coins, then you can find and buy in U4GM. And U4GM also have more useful guides to help you get better score.

Captains of the Gridiron is entering its first draft period after a very successful first season. We’re looking to replace some coaches that have had to depart or just ended up not very active.

This is a FULL SIMULATION league on the PS4. That means that you do not actually play the games. They are simulated on a 24 hour auto-advance. If you love the sim aspect of this game and really like boiling it down to the trades, the scouting, the drafting and crafting the perfect scheme for your team, this is the league for you.

Here are some details. Updated Rosters, 24 hour auto-advance. Full Simulation Experience and our first season was played with a full 32 man roster and the Raiders won the superbowl against the Eagles! We were able to live stream this 100% simulated game as well and it was a pretty fun experience. Custom XP sliders to accommodate a 32 man league.

Season 2 has a monetary reward for the superbowl champion of $25. There is no buy in for this prize. It’s out of my pocket, just for fun! You must be a part of the league for at LEAST 1 full season to be eligible for the prize.

Teams Available
This is the ONLY full simulation league on the PS4 that keeps a full roster of coaches. We intend to carry this league out indefinitely throughout Madden releases in the future. Be a part of a simulation league that lasts as long as Madden does and beyond.