Look runescape amazing but some issues

As soon as I knew about html5 I tried using chrome, but it sucks, so I downloaded the client version I am impressed

all the graphics options work great- its easy to see and understand what changes what

I don’t see any difference in changing animations

I see no difference in static or dynamic scenery shadows

I have yet to see skyboxes, I hope you guys make one for each area of runescape that would be awesome- I’m sick of colored fog all the time

a few things I noticed tho-
some disappearing or invisible walls in varrock- not sure what causes this, tried adjusting options and nothing seemed to help
also the high lighting detail seems to not load properly sometimes and just gives black textures instead of lighting correctly so the only option is to turn it back to low and it loads back again

I hope the music volume is fixed- a simple decibel amplifier filter in audacity would fix the 80% volume difference that kills your ears when you are in the login screen
the new music sounds amazing, but all the sound effects seem even more annoying now lol

just wondering as well, when is it ever a good idea to use OpenGL over DirectX?
I’ve always stuck with DirectX and I’m curious.