Large amounts of data

Hello, I am enjoying the beta very much at the moment but there is one thing that i am curious about. I don’t know whether this is just me, but whenever i load the beta in google chrome I get a yellow bar warning me that runescape gold wants to store large amounts of data on my computer permanently. Now if this means that the beta would run better or load faster then i’m happy but i would like to know how much data space it takes up and exactly what it does.

I can’t remember the exact reason for it, but it’s an alternative to cookies, with a few differences, but they allow a website to store more data on a computer (and can do so without an expiration date on the data, as is the case here) without affecting the websites performance.

That’s about the jist of it as I understand it.

As for the size, I’m not sure. Didn’t see anything clearly labeled for RuneScape in the cache. Not 100% sure I am looking in the right spot.